Rutland County Audubon celebrated four years of
monitoring the West Rutland Marsh IBA today with
51 species and 6 participants.

2 red-tailed hawks and 4 turkey vultures were

The results of the breeding season were obvious
with large numbers, including young, of eastern
kingbirds(8), marsh wrens(8), common
yellowthroats(18) and swamp sparrows(21). One
young marsh wren fumbled around the reeds in an
attempt to fly and then proceeded to careen into
a small tree (he was fine).

Both willow and alder flycatchers were heard.

4 black-and-white warblers, with one feeding a
youngster, were seen and a family of
Blackburnians was observed on Whipple Hollow
Road. 3 American redstarts and 5 yellow warblers
were seen foraging. An American woodcock flew up
right in front of us.

Swallows are congregating with 18 barn, 5 bank,
31 tree and 4 northern rough-winged tallied.

An American bittern was seen in flight and 2
great blue herons were also seen.

Sue Elliott

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