We sneaked a peek at some birds today during
Rutland County Audubon's annual butterfly count.

Along the Pleasant Street powerline in West
Rutland a fledgling blue-winged warbler was seen
(an adult carrying food was reported to me by
Mary Marro at this spot on June 19). Field
sparrows were numerous. An American kestrel was
seen along with a pileated woodpecker, an indgo
bunting and belted kingfisher. A prairie warbler
was heard as well as wood thrush, veery, eastern
towhee, common yellowthroat, black-and-white
warbler and ovenbird.

A northern harrier was seen soaring over West
Rutland Marsh and a black-billed cuckoo was heard
along the powerline in Clarendon off of
Quarterline Road.

Sue Elliott

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