I have read the answers by JoAnn Lafayette and Pat Folsom on the list.

Yes, JoAnn, I'm checking the messages of VermontBirds regularly. My
subscription is set to "nomail" because I'm on too much lists to receive
all the messages, but I look at them a few times a week at the Birdmail
website from where I can see the last messages of about 100 birding forums.
I'm doing that for all the states and provinces nearby Québec. When there
is a really rare bird not too far (especially one which would be a lifer),
I try to go to see it. I would have been interested by your Whooping Crane,
but I'm understanding you don't more see it. Bravo for your Ross's Gull in
Churchill. I have had the chance to see that species two years in a line at
the same place in Chambly (south of Montréal). It was not the same bird,
the first one being an adult and the second one an immature. More to come
in a private message.

Pat, you surely have received my private answers. You're right that it is
relevant to send more explanations to the list. The link to the page about
how to order the atlas doesn't seem to work every time. For me, sometime it
work and sometime not. I have asked our webmaster to check it. For those
who could have the same problem, here is a copy/paste of the text of the
webpage, but in plain-text :

>>> Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Québec <<<

Edited by Jean Gauthier & Yves Aubry, Canadian Wildlife Service, 1996. 1302
pages; over 1400 B&W and colour photographs; comprehensive texts and maps
for 292 species; some 5000 references. The heaviest one-volume book ever
printed and bounded in Canada!

A last and final opportunity to secure a copy before stock exhaustion* at a
bargain price**:

$60.99 CAN ($50.00 + postage + GST)

The offer is available until 31 December 2005 - or as long as supplies
last. All orders must be prepaid by personal cheque or authorised credit
card number.

Order now***

Tel.: 1 800 840-3029 (have your credit card number ready)
Fax: 1 888 303-5931

or write and enclosed a cheque to the order of

Éditions MultiMondes
930, rue Pouliot
Sainte-Foy, Qc, Canada
G1V 3N9

* The work will not be reprinted. The French version (1995) is out-of-stock
and will not be reprinted.
** Regular sale price: $167.94 CAN (149.95 +postage +GST)
*** Proceeds are managed by Association québécoise des groupes d'
ornithologues for supporting bird conservation projects in

The easiest way to order the atlas is to use the free 1-800 phone number.
The link you did find at the webpage is for an old address.

Good birding...

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     Association québécoise des groupes d'ornithologues
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