Dana sed:
>I never really tally the seasonal "days skied", in part due to the fuzzy
>definition of "day". A significant number of my ski "days" are in fact
>nights, and if I count any day that I made turns on snow it would seem
>egregiously inflated- a week of my typical front-yard skiing days still
>wouldn't add up to the vertical and turns earned in one moderate day of
>ski-mountaineering, and a typical day of touring wouldn't add up to the
>vertical skied in an average hour of lift served post-race night skiing.

It doesn't matter. It's whatever *you* consider a day of skiing. Apply any
conversion factors you deem appropriate.

I always wonder how to count my Alta & Snowbird days since I buy the
combined pass. There are many days where I cross the border. I finally
decided to count the day against wherever I park and boot up. Now that I've
broken the skill and psychological barriers of skiing the Baldy chutes,
next season it's likely that I'll get to them from the Snowbird side when
possible*, even if I spend most of my day at Alta, so even more cross-over

*The hike up Baldy from Snowbird, although about the same distance and
elevation gain as from Sugarloaf Pass, is a more consistent pitch and lacks
the annoying steep section encountered on the Alta side. Of course it
depends on Snowbird having the High Baldy gate open.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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