AutoDesk AutoCAD 2006 Educational Software Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUTODESK SUMMER SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR EDUCATION is very pleased to offer the best educational software prices and customer service to all qualified faculty, staff, and students of U.S. schools, on all AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE VERSIONS - AT DISCOUNTS UP TO 97% OFF RETAIL PRICES!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUTODESK SUMMER SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vISIT: Call:  800-679-7007.
******* SALE PRICES VALID THROUGH AUGUST 31, 2005 **********
---------------------------                 Education Standard  YouPerptual Licenses*                            Price    Retail   Save!                 ---------------------------                 ---------  ------   -----Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006           $369.95   $4695    92%Autodesk AutoCAD 2006 Full Version 2D+3D      $369.95   $3750    90%Autodesk AutoCAD 2006 LT (2D Only)            $142.95    $899    84%Autodesk AutoCAD Revit Series 8               $459.95   $4995    91%Autodesk Building systems 2006                $459.95   $5995    92%Autodesk Civil 3D 2006*                       $459.95   $5995    91%Autodesk Inventor Professional 2006           $459.95   $5195    91%Autodesk Land Desktop 2006*                   $459.95   $4995    91%Autodesk Map 3D 2006*                         $469.95   $4795    90%Autodesk Raster Design 2006                   $149.95   $1695    91%Autodesk Survey 2006                          $149.95    $995    85%Autodesk Viz 2006*                            $269.95   $1995    85%Autodesk Discreet Combustion 4.0              $269.95    $995    71%   Autodesk Discreet 3ds Max 7                   $659.95   $3495    81%
*Perpetual Licenses never expire, whereas 1-year licenses shownbelow expire at the end of 1-year after installation.
---------------------------                  Education Standard You1-Year Licenses**                              Price    Retail  Save!                 ---------------------------                  --------  ------   ----Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006*          $158.95   $4695    97%Autodesk AutoCAD 2006 Full Version 2D+3D      $158.95   $3750    96%Autodesk AutoCAD Revit Series 8               $158.95   $4995    97%Autodesk Building systems 2006                $158.95   $5995    97%Autodesk Civil 3D 2006*                       $158.95   $5995    97%Autodesk Inventor Professional 2006           $158.95   $5195    97%Autodesk Land Desktop 2006*                   $158.95   $4995    91%Autodesk Map 3D 2006*                         $157.95   $4795    97%Autodesk Raster Design 2006                   $ 98.95   $1695    94%Autodesk Survey 2006                          $ 98.95    $995    90%Autodesk Viz 2006*                            $158.95   $1995    92%Autodesk Discreet 3ds Max 7                   $179.95   $3495    95%
** 1-Year licenses expire 1-year after installation.------------------------------------------------------------
For more information, visit our website at: Call 800-679-7007.
Autodesk Academic Software the same features and functionality as the commerical versions of the software.  The only difference is that the academic software versions print a small notation on the edge of print-outs stating that the graphic was created with an educational version of the Autodesk software.
Autodesk Educational Software may be uprgaded to the commercial version of the software.
COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR EDUCATION is an Autodesk Authorized Educational Reseller and we licensed to sell the educational software version of AutoDesk's products to qualified Students, Teachers, Faculty, and Staffof K-12 and Higher Education institutions. 
All software products sold by CPE are authentic original softwarefrom the manufacturer.  THESE ARE NOT PIRATED COPIES.  ALL SOFTWARE COMES IN ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER'S BOXES AND INCLUDES A VALID VERIFIABLE LICENSE.
----------LICENSING:----------For school purchases of multiple licenses for classroom use, please call 800-679-7007 for more infomation on instiutional licensing prices.   
---------------------------QUALIFIED EDUCATIONAL BUYERS:---------------------------The following are defined as Qualified Education Buyers.  Qualifed Educational Buyers must provide the below verification upon making any purchase.
1.  Students of Higher Education - All enrolled college, junior college, community      college, technical school, vocational school, and university students.2.  K-12 Students - K-12 students enrolled at accedited K-12 schools.3.  Teachers - All K-12 school and Higher Education institution teachers.4.  Faculty - All K-12 school and Higher Education institution faculty.5.  Staff - All K-12 school and Higher Education institution staff.
-------------------------VERIFICATION:-------------------------Purchasers must provide fax-verification of status as being a current faculty, staff, or student.  After placing your order, you simply fax to CPE either: (a) a copy of a current picture School I.D. Card; or,(b) a current paycheck stub with an alternative picture I.D. (drivers license, etc.) Sensitive      information may be blacked out; or(c) Schools may purchase by faxing a valid school purchase order. For more details, call us or visit our website.
-------------------------ABOUT US:-------------------------COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR EDUCATION, Inc. is an Autdesk Authorized Academic Reseller.  CPE  is a national software distributor committed to providing the lowest prices and the best customer service to the Education market!
Prices and availability are subject to change without notice, due to factors outside our control.
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