I had one Jay with a magnificent comb over. Does that count?
just kidding ;)

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We actually noted a cardinal the other day that I assumed was doing the same thing. I have also seen chickadees that I suspect are molting as well although maybe it is just the wear and tear from tending their babes.
Wendy Sweeney
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  I don't know about other species, but bluejays definitely do that.

  Judy Fabian

  > For the past three years, we have had what we call "pin-headed" bluejays
  > visit our feeder at this time of year.  I have been told that they have
  > recently molted, but that the head feathers do not grow back as quickly as
  > the rest of the feathers, hence the period of baldness.  Can anyone
  > confirm this?  Are there any other species that have that same molting
  > pattern?
  > Holly Hungerford
  > Charlotte, Vt.