So I'm working Groton-2 on Saturday along a Class IV road in Topsham. From 
the car, I notice a pair of copulating Common Wood-Nymphs. I slam on the 
brakes, grab the camera gear, and start shooting like crazy. It's a remote 
road, but a guy drives by, and I manage to smile and wave. Next thing I 
know he pulls into his driveway, which is about 30 meters away. I'm still 
shooting in the brush along the road. Then he starts shooting. Two rifle 
shots were enough to convince me to get the heck out of there.

I can't be certain his shots were directed my way. And I don't want to 
scare anyone from survey work on back roads. But do be careful out there.

In any event, here's the photo (which I'm glad to say wasn't my last):


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