Greetings, VTLepsters:

Kent McFarland, Chris Rimmer and I did some blockbusting in the Northeast 
Kingdom today. A perfect day butterflying -- 24 species. Our only 
disappointment was that we saw not a single anglewing. Here's our list from 
three blocks in Essex County:

Black Swallowtail
Mustard White (with dark veins)
Cabbage White
Clouded Sulphur
Orange Sulphur
Eastern Tailed Blue
Great Spangled Fritillary
Aphrodite Fritillary
Atlantis Fritillary
Silver-bordered Fritillary
Harris' Checkerspot (larva)
Northern Crescent
Mourning Cloak (fresh)
American Lady
Painted Lady
Red Admiral
White Admiral
Common Ringlet
Common Wood-Nymph
Monarch (migrants)
Least Skipper
Common Branded Skipper

--Bryan Pfeiffer

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