No, maybe not...Boloria eunomia and Incisalia eryphon are still out there...
Kevin, give Bryan an "asterisk"...
Also, I'd like to see the "Pink Edged Sulphur" photo from Roy...Unfortunately, I have been finding "Clouded" Sulphurs in northern New Hampshire, at elevation of 1500 ft. +/-, in mid-August etc., that have the VHW discocellular spot single-ringed (as in interior), but in these it is very small (unlike interior)...the postmedian ventral black spots are present on the FW (and even HW) in many cases, absent on others...These are a bit strange looking for philodice, but for sure they are NOT interior... It's also late for interior...(I think)...
Anyway, who knows...but again, some of these "northern" "Clouded" Sulphurs look a bit strange...

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You gotta get up and out pretty early to beat Sweet Nectar Hemeon to a
first state record. So, alas, another one eludes me. Perhaps I get some
meager credit for giving Kevin the incentive: I told him I'd be down there
promptly if he didn't find it today.

Congratulations! (Looks as if I'll have to stick to finding new Vermont

-Bryan Pfeiffer (unfortunately no relation to Martha)

At 8/25/2005, you wrote:
>This has been a busy summer and consequently I have not been out since mid
>July. Kent's info on Checkered Skippers gave me incentive but I had made
>commitments and tomorrow morning I am leaving for 10 days. I worked hard
>got to jobs early but still didn't finish til 3:30 in Greenbush, an hour
>plus away from Vt. I decided why not. I got to a favorite area of mine in
>North Pownal 6. After checking numerous fields I was giving up, it was
>past 6. The only skippers I'd seen were Pecks and Least and maybe a
>Tawny-edged. I looked back over the field one last time and saw something
>different. It looked almost gray in the distance and flew like a
>Duskywing. I got close enough to see it when it landed briefly and sure
>enough it was a Checkered. Then it flew... and flew... and flew. I chased
>it around this field 4 or 5 times losing it in the poor light and growing
>shadows. I lost it one more time and couldn't relocate it.
>Muttering,  "they'll never believe this" I headed for the truck again,
>when I saw it. It fluttered about briefly and landed on a red clover.
>Trying desperately to keep my shadow off it I got close enough for a swing
>and got the voucher. I couldn't have done it with my old net. Kevin

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