Another glorious day, Saturday, to be out in the field.  I was fortunate enough to accomplish a task of finding three target species, not that uncommon, but which had eluded me to date namely: black swallowtail, orange sulphur, and least skipper. 
Three hours of monitoring produced (in order of observation); common wood nymph (15), monarch (2), northern crescent (4), clouded sulphur (10), cabbage white (7), northern pearly-eye (6), common ringlet (4), meadow fritillary (12), pearl crescent (2), silver-bordered fritillary (4), orange sulphur (2), northern broken-dash (6), Peck's skipper (2), eastern tailed-blue (8), black swallowtail (1), least skipper (1).
Roy Pilcher
Proctor, Vermont.

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