Watch also for the curious form that has the LOWER FW eyespot inside the yellow patch much reduced in size in the males...I have found these rarely in southeastern VT, in among the numerous "normal" forms with both eyespots the same size...The presence of this form in small numbers in south and central New England demonstrates that there is a bit of influence up here of the far southern nominate ssp. pegala, in which the lower eyespot is always greatly reduced in size (or absent) in the males...I was quite surprised actually when I found this form in SE VT in July 2003...I have also seen it in eastern Mass. (rarely)...

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Sent: Sun 8/7/2005 9:55 PM
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Subject: [VTLEPS] Common Wood Nymphs

Following up on Kent's recent posting, do you want vouchers for the differing subspecies of Common Wood Nymph?  Incidentally, I did voucher both, one with the two eyespots in a rectangle of yellow and the one with concentric circles of yellow surrounding the eyespots.
Roy Pilcher
Proctor, Vermont.

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