Taking advantage of the beautiful day and turning a blind eye on some home chores that called for attention, I spent 4 hours in Bomoseen 6 with the object of 'filling a few gaps'.  Three sites produced the following: cabbage white (34), clouded sulphur (101), orange sulphur (7), pink-edged sulphur* (1), Eastern tailed-blue (6), Aphrodite fritillary* (10), silver-bordered fritillary (1), meadow fritillary (5), pearl crescent (16), American lady (1), common ringlet (18) one photographed without the eyespot, common wood-nymph* [yellow patch] (2), monarch (2), European skipper (3), tawny-edged skipper (2).
* missing species netted and photographed.
Birds of interest, red-shouldered hawk calling 'on cue', a male and a female kestrel sitting on twin snags, a couple of turkey vultures overhead.
Roy Pilcher
Proctor, Vermont.

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