Scott wrote:

>I'm thinking a colder than normal late fall which translates to more early

>season storms.  I'd put my bets on the early season being good this year
>and I don't really have my hopes up for later in the season.  Of course,
>its still August but that's what I'm starting with for a general idea of
>how the New England winter will be.  I'll try to do my first real winter
>forecast sometime this fall...probably in the middle of October.  I've got


Does anyone have any ideas/thoughts on which section of the continent
stands to get
some good early season snow, based on El Nino, La Nina, or any other
methods of

I'm passing a "milestone" birthday in mid-December, and plan on taking a
couple of
weeks off to chase the best powder available at the time, and just wanted
to start
thinking of where I might end up.

Thanks for any advice

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