Most patrols will bust you anywhere you duck a rope.  Most mountains do not
consider this a little thing.   

If you are going to do the waterfall, don't make a big production of it.
I have to say that Stowe patrol is pretty cool.  Since they have such great
terrain, they have a large pool of people to pick from.   One year they had
a food drive.  Bring in a can of food and buy a ticket for $5.  They just
got some fresh snow, and a lot of trails had yet to open.   There were a lot
of tickets pulled that day.

Worst patrollers I have dealt with have to be at Bolton and Sugarbush.

There is one at SB North with a bushy mustache. . . Never had any problems
with the full-timers.  

Bolton has more then their fair share of patrollers on power trips.
Normally the volunteers like to throw their weight around.

Ever notice that patroller power trips tend to be inversly proportianal to 
their ski ability?

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 22:07:56 -0400, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 17:25:49 -0400, allen taylor <[log in to unmask]>
>>I guess onw last question would be is the stowe patrol chill or
>>aer they really strict when it comes to little things like ducking
>>ropes etc?
>>thanks for all your help
>>Allen Taylor
>Ehhhh interesting subject and I'm guessing you'll hear some different
>opinions on this one.  We were politely asked the leave Stowe Mountain
>Resort once last winter.  And we really couldn't complain because we
>didn't really think the situation patrol was pretty fair and
>nice about it.
>Evidence #1:
>Note the location of the rope duck...directly under the gondola in plain
>view of everyone...on top of the 20-30 foot waterfall.  It was one of the
>busiest Saturday's of the season after a week of snowfall.  Fresh snow,
>blue sky...everyone and their brother from New Jersey was there.  Ski
>patrol presented their case very well and the guys who took our passes
>were very chill...though they had to take our passes.  We had sessioned
>the waterfall drop several times over the past couple weeks with no
>problems mostly because we ski a lot midweek when no one is around and ski
>patrol has even watched us do it.  This time everyone was there and ski
>patrol had to set an example.
>But it didn't matter. Stowe has a policy of only taking your pass away for
>the day the first time you get caught ducking a rope.  The second time its
>for a week or something...then the third strike you're out.  So we were
>back on Sunday morning after picking up our passes that were left for us
>at the pass office.
>I'd say the Stowe patrol is chill as long as its not blatant and might
>give other people the impression that it is ok.  Do not duck anything that
>is roped off under the Quad or Gondi if the chairs are running.  First
>place I always go to duck ropes is Nosedive or Chin Clip.  They are off
>the beaten path but can access a lot of terrain...and you can claim you
>are going backcountry.
>Just use your common sense and be nice to the patrol.  They'll be nice
>back.  Of course, there is always the one guy on the power trip...and it
>usually embarrasses the other patrollers because they are there for the
>same reason you are: to ski powder.
>Lastly, no matter where you buy your pass this hopefully have
>4 winters of skiing in the northern Vermont powder league and can switch
>it up each year if you want.  The snow and terrain are better than any
>place in New England.  To each his own.
>ps: You won't be unhappy with a Stowe decision.  But, if you'd like to add
>to the tracking out of MRG, go for it.  Just one more powder run for me ;)
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