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    Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium

St. Johnsbury, VT

September 2005


Saturday, September 17, from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. in and around the Museum and North Congregational Church

From butter churning to wood turning, skills that demonstrate ingenuity, industry, and accomplishment come alive at the Festival of Traditional Crafts! Named a "Fall 2005 Top Ten Event" by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, the Festival of Traditional Crafts brings together artisans and experts whose knowledge and talents fill gaps in our contemporary understanding of the natural world. Since its first incarnation as part of the Museum's education program, the Festival has helped preserve, pass on, and in some cases revive, skills that were once common in northern New England. Learn to create candles and quilts, soap and cider, barrels and dolls. Bring questions for an old-time orchardist, herbalist, dowser or boat builder. The Festival of Traditional Crafts preserves a way of learning that pays tribute to the artisans whose inspiration and stories echo the words of their teachers ... and their teachers before them. The Festival would not be possible without strong support from businesses and individuals whose contributions make this tradition stronger every year.

Saturday, September 17, performances at noon and 1 p.m. at the Festival
New this year -- the W'Abenaki Dancers add their unique music and performances to the 30th Festival of Traditional Crafts. The dance group includes Abenaki people of all ages who sing, dance and honor traditions that have deep roots in our region.


Sunday, September 18, two seatings (11:00 a.m. and noon) at a private home in Danville

Celebrating the rich heritage and beautiful landscape of the Northeast Kingdom, State Senator Jane Kitchel hosts a benefit brunch for the Museum. There will be two seatings and an informal guided walk through a nearby historic cemetery. Tickets are $25 available at the Museum; all sales benefit the Museum.

Friday, September 23, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Museum

Museum doors stay open late once a month for this informal program. Cruise the night sky as Zodiac Nights spotlights Virgo during a special planetarium show.  One of the largest constellations in the sky, Virgo lies between Leo to the West and Libra to the East. The largest star in this constellation, Spica, is sometimes considered to represents a prized object in Virgo's hand. Many myths associated with this grouping of stars and planets - and the distant galaxies behind them - offer a colorful look at the changing seasons. Star show begins at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $5.

For more about the night sky this month, visit http://www.fairbanksmuseum.org/planetarium_nightsky.cfm

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