The Computer Science Student Association has created a discussion forum 
this year, open to all Computer Science (and indeed all Engineering and 
Mathematical Sciences) students.

We've got separate discussion boards for each CS class (except the ones 
that already use WebCT's discussion feature), so you can talk about the 
current homework assignment or concepts from lecture, or anything else 
you think would be interesting to you and your classmates.

We've also got a place to post all the advertisements for jobs that pass 
through the department, and to discuss potential independent study projects.

We've even got areas to talk about topics that aren't related to school 
at all.   We're just getting started with this, so don't give up if you 
find yourself the first person from your class to sign on.  Keep coming 
back over the next couple weeks and we can really build a great 
community here.


Just login with your ZOO username and password (not CEMS; we couldn't 
get permission from the College to use that information).

Ben Fenster
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Graduate Student, Computer Science
University of Vermont