UVM's Deaf &Disability Awareness Month 2005
Events are open to everyone. 
For more info, go to:  http://www.uvm.edu/~aaeo/aware.html

October 3rd, Noon-2:00, North Lounge, Billings
Kick-Off and Art Show Opening Reception
Riva Lehrer's "Circle Stories" is a series of portraits of people in 
a variety of fields, including the arts, academia and political 
activism. Each has a significant physical disability, and an interest 
in exploring body issues in his or her own work. This project began 
in 1997 and currently includes ten works. All ten works will be on 
display throughout the month.

October 4th, 7:30pm-8:30pm, North Lounge, Billings
Comedian: Jeff Charlebois
For over fifteen years, Jeff has used his humor to entertain and 
inspire people around the country. His message is simply, whether 
disabled or abled, we all need to laugh. Jeff is billed as a 
"sit-down comic who's always on a roll!".

October 6th, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Memorial Lounge, Waterman
FILM: Rolling
  with Deborah Lisi-Baker, Vermont Center for Independent Living

October 10th, Noon-1:00pm, 427A Waterman
Hidden Side of ADA
  "Disability" encompasses a wide range of conditions, and the reality 
is that many disabilities are not readily apparent. In order to meet 
provisions in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it's 
important to understand hidden disabilities, as well as basic 
premises and definitions that apply to both students and employees of 
UVM. This session will use case studies to guide participants to a 
better understanding of processes and resources of accommodating 
people with disabilities. The presenters bring years of experience in 
designing coursework and workplace accommodations, and in promoting 
inclusive environments.

October 10th, 2:00pm-4:00pm, Grace Coolidge, 5th Floor, Waterman
The Impact of Epilepsy on the Family
This program will discuss a wide variety of issues such as, medical 
treatment, transportation, insurance and the social impact of having 
a seizure disorder. Audrey Butler, Executive Director, of the 
Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont will present some of the latest 
information on Epilepsy during this presentation. There will be an 
opportunity for discussion. If you are interested in additional 
information please call 1.800.565.0972

October 11th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Memorial Lounge, Waterman
Being Deaf in Vermont
  An invitation to learn about the world of deafness here in Vermont 
and what impacts there are in relation to social, language, family, 
education, accessibility, and employment. The evening will consists 
of a panel of several deaf individuals who will share their 
experiences and successes, what works and what does not work around 
accommodations. This guarantees to be an evening of learning, humor, 
and appreciation. If you know of someone living with a hearing loss 
then this is an invitation for you- it could change your views on the 
world of deafness". There will be a facilitator this evening who will 
take on questions from the audience for the panel members, display 
booths will be available.

October 12th, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Memorial Lounge, Waterman
FILM: My Classic Life as an artist: A portrait of Larry Bissonnette
  A Documentary Film (20 Minutes) produced by Douglas Biklen and Zach 
Rossetti and written by Larry Bissonnette. This documentary shows a 
day in the life of outsider, Vermont artist Larry Bissonnette. 
Bissonnette reveals his wit from the very beginning of the film as he 
describes how he experiences autism: Sonic sensitivity, placidity in 
personal relationships, loose personal hygiene, language processing 
problems, primitive, plastic social skills, kooky behaviors, 
activities limited by obsessive routines, gastronomical choices stuck 
on McDonalds, rote learning habits: this is a summary of autism's 
daily impact on my life. Looking back on his years of living in a 
closed institution for people labeled mentally retarded, he assesses 
this form of "apartheid" as "better for growing vegetables rather 
than people." He describes his entry into art as a way of "keeping 
busy as powerless to communicate young child." This is a documentary 
filled with Bissonnette's humorous but also poignant assessments of 
his life, including this one about labeling: "Fastening labels on 
people is like leasing cars with destinations determined beforehand." 
The documentary also reveals many examples of the complexities of 
expression, as Bissonnette moves back and forth from speech to typing 
to painting, and should therefore be of extreme interest to parents, 
teachers, and others who are concerned about how to support the 
communication of people with speech differences. A discussion will 
follow the film.

October 13th, 5:00pm-8:00pm, 427 Waterman
Autism: Defining the Issues, Patty Prelock and Marie-Christine Potvin
  This class is part of an advanced graduate level seminar offered 
through the Vermont Interdisciplinary Leadership Education for Health 
Professionals Program (VT-ILEHP). The class concentrates on the early 
indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and issues surrounding 
screening and diagnosis. UVM Professor Patty Prelock, Communications 
Sciences, has opened her class doors to the community in celebration 
of Awareness Month. Marie-Christine Potvin, Occupational Therapist 
and Former VT-ILEHP Fellow will be co-teaching this class. The class 
format uses short video, a guest speaker, and group discussion. 
Special Note: Pre-registration and readings are required, please 
contact [log in to unmask] if you are interested in attending this 

October 17th, 7:00pm- 9:00pm, North Lounge, Billings
FILM: A View from here: Depression on College Campuses
  The film gives voice to the realities of depression in a college 
community. It features students and faculty who candidly share their 
experiences, from the pain and confusion of symptoms to the ways in 
which they found help. A discussion will follow the film.

October 18th, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Marsh Lounge, Billings
American Sign Language Workshop
with David Krueger, ASL Instructor. Do you want to increase your 
comfort level with deaf people? Do you want to learn some basic signs 
and some non verbal communications techniques? You will get that and 
participate in a discussion covering some aspects of Deaf culture. 
Come to this dynamic workshop!

Octoberh 18th, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Memorial Lounge
FILM: "What do you do when you meet a blind person?"
  Join us for a showing of the short film produced by the National 
Federation of the Blind. The film illustrates two perspectives on 
blindness: one from a person who is blind, and the other from a 
person who sees. A panel discussion will follow exploring what it is 
like for blind people to educate others and manage assumptions and 
aspects of independence, as they share experiences with "helping" and 
"not helping". Perspectives from those who see will provide insight 
into the intentions behind the actions of those who want to "help" 
but may not fully understand how to communicate this. The panel will 
include community members who are blind or visually impaired and 
people who have relationships with them. Facilitated by Heidi Pfau, 
from the Community of Vermont Elders.

October 19th, 8:00-Noon, Memoriaul Lounge, Waterman
Disability Mentoring Day
  Disability Mentoring Day is a large-scale, broad-based effort 
designed to promote career development for students and other job 
seekers with disabilities (mentees) through hands-on career 
exploration, job shadowing, and internship or employment 
opportunities, and matching of mentee/mentor relationships. 
Disability Mentoring Day: Career Development for the 21st Century, 
will be commemorated on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 as the official 
kick-off for a year-round effort.

October 19th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, John Dewey Lounge, Old Mill
Depression in the Family
  When depression affects one member of the family, it often effects 
others as well. Experts on depression in parents and on depression in 
children speak about both sides of the topic. Presented by the 
Vermont Parent Information Center.

October 20th, 5:00pm-8:00pm, 427 Waterman
Supporting Families & Providers in Making Intervention Decisions for 
Children with Autism, Patty Prelock and Marie-Christine Potvin
This class, part of an advanced graduate level seminar offered 
through the Vermont's Interdisciplinary Leadership Education for 
Health Professionals Program (VT-ILEHP), focuses on the range of 
suggested interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
(ASD), the difficult challenges families face when making these 
decisions, and evaluation strategies. UVM Professor Patty Prelock, 
Communication Sciences, has opened her class to the community in 
celebration of Awareness Month. Marie-Christine Potvin, Occupational 
Therapist and Former VT-ILEHP Fellow will be co-teaching this class. 
The class format uses short video, a guest speaker, and group 
discussion. Special Note: Pre-registration and readings are required, 
please contact [log in to unmask] if you are interested in attending 
this class.

October 25th, 7:00, Location TBA
Student ACCESS event

October 26th, 1:00-5:00, Sheraton Conference Center
Assistive Tech Display
  see October 27th Brain Injury Conference for Description

October 27th, 8:30-3:45, Sheraton Conference Center
Vermont's 17th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference
  "Seasons of Healing" - This day-long conference (with pre-conference 
professional tracks in Alternative Augmentative Communication and 
Neurobehavioral Aspects) is designed to provide education and support 
to survivors, families, and professionals with a focus on meeting 
challenges associated with rebuilding life following TBI. Keynote 
speaker PJ Long, author, psychotherapist, and a TBI and breast cancer 
survivor offers lessons she learned throughout the seasons of healing 
and how nature's timeless wisdom can guide us in recovery. For 
additional information, contact Lisa Parro at the Vermont Division of 
Vocational Rehabilitation, 802.241.2184, [log in to unmask] or go 
to the Conference Homepage.

October 29th, Capital Plaza, Montpelier
Deaf Expo
  The Deaf Expo is an all day event related to deafness/hearing. There 
will be speakers from the FCC and Agency of Human Services. This 
event will include presentations on various community resources, 
finance planning, ADA understanding, and meeting important community 
leaders. Workshops on ASL understanding will be given by a performer. 
Interpreters will be available all day and evening. Childcare is also 
available for a minimal fee. There will be an evening dinner and 
performance. The cost will be $20 per person. Come and visit the 
exhibitor's booth while you are here." For further information 
regarding this event, please contact [log in to unmask] or 
879.4787 voice/TTY or 866.879.6942 TTY Sprint toll free.

Refreshments will be provided at most of our events.

  For additional information, to request a specific accommodation, or 
this flyer in an alternate format, please contact Diane Gaboriault at 
or 656.3368.

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Residential Life, Dean of Students Office.

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