I may be missing some postings to this list because I didn't receive the
message Frank is responding to, but I know the book referred to and I
just went and looked at the list and was disappointed to see that I
wasn't on it. :-)    But my man Paul Krugman even beats out Jonathan

As for Kozol,  I remember the outrage we all felt after reading "Death
At An Early Age".  I get all misty-eyed when I think of Harvey Scribner
and the "Vermont Design" and how excited I was by that reform movement
-- and I realize how much of an old codger I really have become.   Some
of what I rail about IS the result of people taking Kozol  to places he
might not have intended to go.  But I want to make this perfectly clear:
given a choice between the way education was done in 1960 and the way it
done today, I'd choose today in a heartbeat.  

Putting it in perspective for younger folks:  around 1970, about a year
or so after I arrived in Vermont, a teacher named Sylvia Heuter (sp?
Frank?) took a job teaching elementary school in  Newport (I think). 
She was full of enthusiasm for the reforms that the "Vermont Design" was
suggesting, in other words, a stimulating, student-centric approach to
education.  In a couple of months, the school board was ready to fire
her - mid-year.  Her crime was that you couldn't hear a pin drop in her
classroom the way you could have with her predecessor.  This was almost
their sole criteria for a deciding teacher's merits: a quiet classroom.

Today, when I rail against the idea of everything needing to be "fun"
in education, I do it with the understanding (or at least the fervent
hope) that we will never return to an educational standard based solely
on decibel level.    However, I do think that maybe spending a small
part of a day in relative quiet might be a tonic for today's kids.  And
I do believe we need to help kids understand that, despite Ben and
Jerry's slogan, sometimes, even if it's not fun, you've got to do it.



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> Thanks Mark for adding to my collection of what I am calling
> The Bill Gates piece is safely tucked away with others on my IPod.
> Bill Gate's "ALARM" is similar to past information from others - Ted

> Sizer and his work on high school reform, Jonathan Kozol's several 
> books on the condition of American schools (Kozol is lucky enough to
> named 9th in Goldberg's book " 100 People Who Are Screwing Up
> He is higher than Howard!! - Gates and Sizer don't even get a 
> mention!!)
> If you believe Gates is only trying to sell computers check out what

> Sizer and Kozol have to say or visit your local high school and
> see ya
> Frank
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