Hello Everyone,

VCGI (in partnership with several other organizations) is creating a GIS 
training course that will be implemented sometime in the next year. We 
are currently trying to gather information about how exactly to organize 
the course to meet as many needs as possible. We are still making 
decisions about content, timing, location, etc. The target audiences for 
this course will be both k-12 educators and municipal officials. If you 
think you might be interested in such a course, please take a moment to 
fill out the survey below and send me your responses via email or fax 
(802-882-3001). We would love to receive your responses by October 7.

Thank you!

Brief Description of Proposed Training: VCGI will present a course that 
introduces you to GIS, gives you hands on experience working with free 
GIS software (ArcExplorer) and data that you can install and use at 
work, and provides information about related resources.  NOTE: course 
may offer training with ArcGIS if enough interest is expressed.


   1. Would you be willing to travel to Montpelier on a weekly basis to
      attend this course?
   2. If not, how far (in travel time) would you be willing to travel?
   3. Of the following choices, which amount would you be willing/able
      to pay for such a course (circle one):

$50            $75            $100            $150            
$200            $300            $400            $500

   4. Of the following choices, please indicate your first, second, and
      third choices for length of each class:

1 hour___            2 hours___            3 hours___            4 
hours___            All Day___

   5. Of the following choices, please indicate your first, second, and
      third choices for total number of weeks (assuming one class per
      week) you would be willing to attend such a course:

2 weeks___            3 weeks___            4 weeks___            5 
weeks___            6 weeks___

   6. Would you prefer that classes take place on weeknights, weekdays,
      or weekends?


   7. Is GIS software installed at your place of work (school or
      municipal office)? If so, what is it called?


   8. What level of GIS training would you be interested in (check one):

___Introductory (i.e. you have little or no GIS expertise at this time)

___Intermediate (i.e. you have some knowledge and experience of GIS, but 
need more hands-on training and direction)

___Advanced (i.e. you have GIS knowledge and expertise, but need help 
moving to the next level.

   9. Additional Comments:      

Leslie Pelch
Outreach Coordinator
Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc.
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(Tel) 802-882-3002
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