Hey Everyone,
 Thank you to everyone for coming last Saturday and dancing your hearts out.  I
hope you had a great time.

We will be having practice every Saturday from 12pm-2pm in the Patrick Gym Dance
studio unless you get an e-mail saying otherwise. That means that yes we will
have practice tomorrow, from 12-2.

 I will only be able to be at the lesson tomorrow till 1pm, but there will most
likely be guest instructors to take over after that, if not, we'll only
practice for an hour.

Make sure you come tomorrow, because next saturday I will be having a few
special "hott" guests coming to dance with you guys and girls, and help you to
improve your moves.

Tomorrow we will work on Salsa for an hour, and then we will move onto a dance
of your choice.

Any questions, call or send an e-mail!
Hope to see you all there!

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