Hey all,
   I am a rep for Sugarbush and am trying very hard to get to sell as many as I
can before November 1st. It would really help me out if anyone who was
considering  buying a pass would e-mail me to get it ( even a little bit
cheaper than the reg price with a deal I have) rather than buying yours on line
( on line there isnt a place to fill in who you wanted to get one from). I will
come to you to fill out the single sheet of paperwork. I can take cash, credit
card, or a check and will give you a reciet in return. Its always nice to help
out a fellow skiier/snowboarder when we can right? Some boose may be included
in this deal as well if anyone in interested.
                    Thanks a lot ,
                             Katie Kuber

*keep your fingers crossed for a white white winter*