A few highlights from some classic late-summer birding in the Champlain 
Valley today:

[] Ted Murin and I got nice looks at a lazy juvenile Parasitic Jaeger at 
Charlotte Town Beach this morning. A Merlin and three White-winged Scoters 
also moved south along the lake.

[] The shorebird show at Farrell Access to Dead Creek included two Baird's 
Sandpipers and a Red-necked Phalarope, among more common shorebirds and 
ducks. With rising water levels, diversity and abundance dropped compared 
to yesterday. (Enjoying those birds were Ted, Dick Lavalle, Pat Pratt, 
Brian McAllister and I.)

[] Dick found three more Red-necked Phalaropes in a small farm pond at 
Goodrich Corners in Addison. (Dick will no doubt post some other great 
finds today.)

[] I located two Buff-breasted Sandpipers in a field recently seeded in 
alfalfa in Addison (the field has Buff-breast written all over it). It's at 
the corner of Old Stonehouse Road and Route 22A, 1.25 miles north of 
Addison Four Corners (which is the intersection of Route 22A and 17). The 
field also included about 20 American Golden Plovers, 12 Pectoral 
Sandpipers, about 20 Killdeer and a handful of American Pipits. A Merlin 
put up most of the shorebirds, but this field may retain some drawing power.

Monarchs were moving south in fair-to-moderate numbers today. And Wandering 
Glider, a dragonfly species that actually crosses oceans, was abundant.

--Bryan Pfeiffer

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