Proctor 6 is a nonpriority block, but it includes our residence, hence relatively close to monitor.  Formerly 34 species had been vouchered and today 2 more were added from a single site.
Seventy-five minutes of butterflying during the mid-afternoon produced 11 species including: black swallowtail (1), clouded sulphur (33), orange sulplhur** (3), bronze copper*** (1), Eastern tailed-blue*** (1), Aphrodite fritillary** (2), pearl crescent (4), viceroy* (3), common ringlet (1), monarch (7).  The powerline cut was aflame with goldenrod along with some asters.
The bronze copper seemed completely out of habitat, neither wetland nor sedge to be seen!
* Net/Release,   
** Net/Photograph/Release,                                                                   *** Net/Photograph/Release/Voucher.
Roy Pilcher
Proctor, Vermont.

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