I don't think I will complain about this block being heavily wooded any more. I have found one good place to survey (snowmobile trail with wet areas) and every time I go there is a variety of butterflies. Yesterday I saw 11sulphurs, a white admiral,2 silver bordered fritillary, 3 Eastern Comma, 1 Cabbage white, 3 milbert's tortoiseshell, 2 red admirals, 3 crescents and 3 eastern tailed blue. When I first saw the red admiral, I thought it was a lady and netted it to look at eye spots and realized it was an admiral which I needed to voucher. I also needed to voucher the comma. They look easy to net as they kept landing on the road and didn't move far when they flew landing again. I got the net over one and stood on two sides of the rim of the net as I pulled up on the middle but it escaped under the rim anyway. Finally one held still for a picture. I am glad my new camera has 10x digital as I wasn't that close. Patty Lambert