Hi Tim - 

Thanks for the reply! I figured I'll be having a lot of co-authors on this, so perhaps a collaboration would work out. Do you already have 10Be data from those transects you mention? Such transects would complement a similar transect in the northern hemisphere at about 36 N, from sea level to about 3500 m. Useful for comparing potential differences between the hemispheres. 

How is your calibration site's age constrained? 

If the analyses would be done under CRONUS (a reasonable assumption), I've got money to pay for at least some of them - we'll have to see what kind of response I get in total, and then we can talk specifics.

Thanks again! Will you be at AGU?

Cheers -



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On Oct 13, 2005, at 0:35, Tim Barrows wrote:

Hi Nat,

I should be able to help you out with samples from Australia/New Zealand. Unfortunately most of my archived samples are less than 25 ka.

If you are interested in a collaboration of some sort, I could potentially collect samples in a meridional transect (10S to 45S, at sea level) and an altitudinal transect at ~38 S from sea level to 2200 m. Also, I have a calibration site at 2000 m, ~16 kyr old from which I'm analyzing all the commonly used cosmogenic isotopes (except C-14). I might even have a few dollars to help out with analyses of these.



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