I find it hard to believe you get 25 billion e-mails a day from the IRA
listserv, since I don't get anywhere near 10 a day.

People, please!  If you want off you need to do it yourself!  (as it's 
been said
a few times already)  People are tired of others wanting off sending out
e-mails to the general listserv!  If you want off it's something YOU 

Here's how:
Send an email to [log in to unmask] and in the body (not the subject line)
write "IRA" (without the quotes).  That should do the trick and take 
you off of
the listserv.

Quoting "Andrew H. Creed" <[log in to unmask]>:

> it doesnt say im on any EFFING lists and i get 25,000,000,000 emails 
> a day from
> you people. 25 BILLION EMAILS A DAY.