Dear Juzhi Hou

Quantitative measurements of water use efficiency is routinely done by 
gravimetric approach that involves regular weighing of the containers to 
determine the water transpired over a period of time and the biomass 
accumulated by the plants during this time.  Gas exchnage measurements using 
IRGA are also used for a rapid determination of WUE at a single leaf level.  
We have these data for a number of crop species.  Our recent experiments 
with rice will be published in Crop Science soon.

Numerous publications from Prof. Graham Farquhar, Richard Richards, Tony 
Condon and others should give you the requisite details.

hope this helps


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>Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] water use efficiengy
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>Hi Dear List members,
>Are there  quantitative or semi-quantitative measurments of water use 
>efficiency of different plants?
>Thanks a lot for help!
>Juzhi Hou