Dear Juzhi Hou,

Although all modeling products (i.e., not raw data), the SAGE folks at 
Wisconsin have made available a collection of global products produced 
by various groups that might suit your needs at least as a start:

For precipitation within the US (especially if you're wanting numbers 
for areas with high relief), you might check the Oregon State PRISM 

Otherwise you can try to find weather stations close by:

Hope that helps,

Juzhi Hou wrote:

>Dear Isogeochem members,
>I am trying to get precipitation/evaporation ratio (P/E ratio) data for some sites in United States, but I could not find a good place to get them. I want to know whether there are websites from which I can calculate or look for P/E ratio for any places i
>n United States. 
>One good website is, but it covers Texas only. It provides evaporation data. Are there any other websites like this?
>I appreciate your help.
>Juzhi Hou
>Juzhi Hou
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