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We are using them at lamoille south supervisory union, and so far we like the product.  We are giving them a try this year since we had a lot of stuff that needed to be recycled.  On November 9th they are going to pick up our old stuff.  Also they have some very good deals for printers.  Just last week they had some network quality inkjets (60 I believe, HP 1200 ) that were brand new that a company purchased and does not want that school could get for free if they were part of their purchasing group.


So far all of their toner has been fine.




Bill Kimball

Information Technology Director

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does anyone on the list have any experience with this company? They are a Maine vendor that will be at VermontFest, and they sell toner and ink. The gimmick is that if you JOIN their buying program (no fees, no real commitment) they will pick up and dispose of your recycling materials for free (dead computers, etc).