Dear Flownetters:
we're using KinetDx digital archive, sold through Siemens since we've gone 
to all Antares duplex scanners- I and my Vascular Surgery colleagues are 
very frustrated for several reasons:
1) no sound
2) video clips of spectra don't show changing position of the sample volume 
(the image doesn't change, you just get to see the spectrum sweeping)
3) Siemens said the $2000 workstations were adequate, but we often get 
message "not enough memory" when we try to play clips, so we may have to 
buy the $40,000 workstations that our Cardiologists use
4) the web version that we use when off-campus is awful for video and 
doesn't let us mark studies as "Read"

we are likely to change our Flow-Labs to be DICOM compatible to make all 
our studies digital archived, but has anyone had experience with other 
archive software that doesn't have those problems?

Joseph R. Schneider, MD, PhD
Professor, Vascular Surgery
Associate Director, Northwestern General Surgery Residency
Northwestern University Medical School

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