Hi Dr. Holtz,
Yes Flownet has gone over this befor. Here is my response after being informed on and off-list that it was just wrong to call the SFV anything other than the SFV.
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To All,

You can call the veins by whatever name you like. Just be aware that outside of the dedicated vascular surgeon/lab world that many physicians and healthcare providers do not immediatley know the detailed vascular anatomy. With so many exams being refered by non-vascular healthcare providers it seems prudent to be as plain as possible. That way patient care is optimized, IMHO. Yes, we can try and educate everyone we interact with as to the scientific names and detailed anatomy but at the end of the day it is patient care that I am first and foremost concerened with. If that means calling the SFV the FV then so be it. I still call the CFV the CFV the Pop V ect.

Audrey Fleming, RDMS, RVS
I don't care what anyone says, I still stick to my original position that if the refering source was not from a "vascular" background then the term superficial was confusing to them. This is why some of the DVT's were not being treated. A vascular person will know what you mean and can ask for a specic level if they want. A non-vascular person probably just wants to know whether to treat.
If using the generic term Femoral means that everybody with a DVT is treated correctly then I'm all for using it. It would be nice to educate every refering on the vascular anatomy correct termanology but .....semantics be darned. Patient care is more important to me than worrying whether other people like my termanology.
Audrey Fleming RDMS, RVS

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Subject: Superficial Femoral VS Femoral

      I believe this has been gone over before but the question has come up again.
      What is the correct name Superficial femoral or Femoral for the artery and vein in the thigh??
       Ran into a problem this week with this.
        Although the sentence said DVT in the SFV, the patient was not anticoagulated!!!!!!.
        Would appreciate all your inputs
                                                                Richard A. Holtz DO
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