I've been involved in the installation of the DICOM for many Parks systems.  We have had very little difficulty getting the system to communicate.  If a problem does arise, it usually from the PACS side (not flipping the "right switch").  Parks is very supportive- as usual.  I suspect your PACS administrator/ Vendor hasn't found the correct switch to "flip".
Isn't technology great!

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I am far from an expert with this. We are merely exploring the possibility of putting our 4 Parks FloLab 2100's on the network at this point. I did receive feedback from our PACS vendor that the most current version of the DICOM software from Parks is essential. The first release was reputed to be buggy. Parks usually provides upgrades for free. Hopefully they will continue this practice.

Good luck.

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I have a Parks 2100 Vascular Lab with Win XP and Sonova software for
testing. Recently added DICOM to the syste! m. While the images are
successfully sent, I am unable to open and view the images on our review
station. We have been digital for 2+ years and are able to successfully
open images from a wide variety of sources and equipment. We were
successful in activating the DICOM features of our Unetixs Vascular Lab.
We use Freeland Systems for our DICOM viewing stations and our automated
reports. Has anyone else had a problem? How did you fix it? Was there
appropriate support from Parks?

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