We have all been to Mickey D's and we all know that the French fries we get will taste the same, whether you are in Chicago, Boise or Amsterdam. There is some security in that thought, regardless of how you feel about fast food. I don't own that concept, that belongs to Ray Croc.  I just wish that we could say the same for getting a carotid exam or a lower extremity exam anywhere in the country? 
primozich, UW
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Now I'm going to have to read the CPT manual again.  Like I don't have enough to do today.
BTW: You honor me by putting me in the same sentence as Ms P.  If the MacDonald's analogy was hers, she did a good job of instilling it into my (our) subconscience.
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A few questions and comments for you and the group. I'm assuming  when people speak of "ABIs" they mean ABIs AND waveforms (Doppler or PVRs) from the ankle levels; otherwise, no CPT code 93922 reimbusement.  There is no CPT code for "noninvasive physiologic studies of lower extremities, single level, bilateral, etc." with exercise.  The 93924 code for "noninvasive physiologic studies at rest and following treadmill stress testing, etc  indicates that it should be a "complete bilateral study" . Have you or anyone else ever been challenged by local Medicare carriers about this short-cut, i.e. ABI's with treadmill testing?  Is it OK to do this? 

Steve Knight- Your comment about Collegues out there who will ask why you don't image in the first place.. Do you mean those collegues who have never heard of ICAVL recommendations on lower extremities testing, or those that don't need to bother with CMS and Medicare guidelines for reimbursement of lower arterial exams?  BTW, You didn't steal the MacDonalds analogy of consistency from Ms. Jean Primozich did you?
Rob Daigle

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