Bundens WP et al.  The Superficial Femoral Vein: A Potentially Lethal Misnomer.  JAMA 275:16 1296-1298.  October 25 1995


Responding to a questionnaire, 24% of primary care physicians would have treated thrombosis in the ‘SFV’ as a DVT.  Probably, if the final report stated “Acute deep venous thrombosis in the superficial femoral vein . . . “, there will be less chance that it will be misunderstood.  However, a verbal report has a much greater possibility for error, likely being heard as being in a superficial vein.  Just read the paper above.


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      I believe this has been gone over before but the question has come up again.


      What is the correct name Superficial femoral or Femoral for the artery and vein in the thigh??

       Ran into a problem this week with this.

        Although the sentence said DVT in the SFV, the patient was not anticoagulated!!!!!!.

        Would appreciate all your inputs

                                                                Richard A. Holtz DO

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