I'm down in Albany for the weekend and it was sleeting this morning.  Nice 
to hear that ping of ice pellets on the windows...quickly changed to rain 
15 minutes later but numerous reports from around here of precipitation 
beginning as light sleet or even snow in the Heldebergs.  Temperatures 
were in the low 30's here but 28-30 up in Bern and Knox, NY when showers 
moved in. 

I also saw a report of moderate sleet in Bennington County, VT this 
morning.  Quick look at the intellicast radar shows the blue and pink 
signals are decreasing as temps warm up.  Nevertheless, its getting colder 
out and I still think a lot of areas will see some sort of winter 
precipitation over the next 4 days with higher elevation snowfall likely.  
6" at summits by Tuesday morning.


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