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>Here's a few from this morning:

Awesome pictures!  Thanks for sharing those.  Still hasn't sunk in that we 
haven't even reached Halloween yet.  Midday temperatures show 40-41 up and 
down the Champlain to Hudson River Valleys at Burlington, Albany, Glens 
Falls, etc.  Mountain valley temperatures are in the mid to upper 30's and 
elevations above 1500ft continue to stay at or below freezing.  The 
Saranac Lake regional airport has a mid afternoon temperature of 32 
degrees...keeping that snow on the ground.  Tonight should be a cold night 
but clouds will keep temperatures from really plummeting.  Tomorrow should 
be about 3-5F warmer than today with some breaks in the clouds possible by 
late afternoon...then clearing Friday night will allow temperatures to hit 
rock bottom, especially in areas with snow cover.  Saturday morning should 
be a cold one (15-25F) for those heading out to hit the slopes one way or 
another.  Enjoy it...weekend looks nice; lots of sun.  Highs near 40 or 
low 40's at the ski area bases with lows in the 20's.  Freeze-thaw cycle?


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