Another work day.  Punched the clock at 9:00 AM.  Up to the top and then over to the other side to work on Jonathon's playground while he studied away at his OEC text.  When he's done with this course, he'll have a Janet Quotient through the roof.  Anyway, the work was hard and worth it.  Those lines will be an eco-disaster wasteland in 10 years, for sure.  We saw sleet.  Broke my loppers towards the end and had to go for it with a bow saw, exclusively.  Trudged up to the top and back down at 6:00PM where I lamented that these work days are getting progressively tougher.  The boss named the line we cut "The Doogie Line" - he never really goes away, he just lingers.

Mark P. Renson
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