Carol wrote:
>The problem with a longish steep climb is the car decelerates so much.

Yep. Many a time going up-canyon I've had to drive around someone 
with a FWD going slower and slower as they attempt to keep it straight.

>Harlow Hill on the way to Stowe is a classic example and I've more than
>once in an "average" snow year (like last season) seen SUV's in odd
>places there.  Could be they had "all season" tires, not snows.. It
>isn't  just the 4WD, it is the tires too.

A large number of SUVs are only 2WD;
the operators of many 4WD SUVs run them in 2WD until it's too late;
surprisingly, some other 4WD drivers appear to not know how to shift into 4WD.


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