Nice one, know how to hurt an old man...
oh, and thanks Justin....change any diapers yesterday whiler we wuz rippin?

Before ya all get to smug, I forgot to mention how nice it was....the 
skiing DOWN that is...we skied Goat top, middle and bottom untracked 
saturday, then came back and did it again sunday. That nasty top section 
had a nice powdery left line, and with all the little ledges, I managed to 
hit a few drops into powder holes that were sweeet, sweet sweeet! The 
middle opened up, and we ripped fresh turns, milking it for all it was 
worth. lower goat was a rock garden covered by just enough snow to make it of the best all around days I have ever had, no doubt.

Stan deserves the credit for calling Goat--it is a trail that gets 
forgotten, or people are scared of it and don't go in. It was THE call at 
Stowe both days. Saturday, as I noted but want to say again, it was 
UNTRACKED POWDER on a mountain that had seen hundreds of hike to 
tracks...On Sunday, with Wes, conditions on the mountain had deteriorated 
with a warm air inversion, but Goat came through again--not as nice as 
saturday, but better than the glop on the way up...the only tracks that 
were in front of us dropping in sunday were our tracks the day before! 

I did have another sweet revenge ski experience yesterday.... Gerome, a 
buddy of Stan's (and a founding F.O.G.) came down goat with his buddy 
sunday, finding us eating up his powder. Gerome is nototious for stealing 
our night powder on mansfield and leaving us the sign of his board track to 
be illuminated by our headlamps...well, Gerome had a taste of his own 
medicine when he came down a tracked up Goat to find us skinning up for run 
#3 on a trail he thought he was getting to himself. I hope he enjoyed 
boarding through our sloppy skin track and old ski tracks, 'cause he wasn't 
getting any fresh sunday! Revenge is sweet, indeed! 


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