Marc #1 writes:
> A large number of SUVs are only 2WD;
> the operators of many 4WD SUVs run them in 2WD until it's too late;
> surprisingly, some other 4WD drivers appear to not know how to shift into 
> 4WD.

I actually witnessed this ~ 20 years ago back in my Kmart share house days.  
One of the women in the house was weekend dating a GQ-looking NYC Wall 
Street type who had a shiney-new Range Rover and a 2-digit IQ.  He managed 
to get it stuck in our parking lot that is so easy to navigate that even our 
BMW 320 owner, who called his Bimmer "The ultimite skidding machine", could 
get in and out with no problems.  Mr GQ came back into the house and asked 
for a push.  When we saw nothing but rear wheels spinning, we had a huge 
laughing fit at his expense and showed him how to engage his 4WD.


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