Jim, Stan and I went back for more this morning.  Looking at the view from
100 we couldn't believe our eyes.

Bluebird skies and a well laid skin track made the time pass quickly. 
Hearing that the editor of BackCountry magazine was up in front of us, Jim
set the land speed record trying to catch him hoping to see his name in
print.  The bottom of Nosedive was more firm but much drier than Wednesday.
 The snow becam drier and lighter as we ascended.  After some exploration on
upper nosedive

Stan called for Goat.  We weren't sure if we'd find refrozen crud, breakable
crust or powder.  It was powder.

It was hard to believe our eyes.  October 28 for crying out loud!

We were the only ones this morning to venture down goat.  Untracked all the way.

Below the steep part, we each picked a lane. Stan on the left, me on the
right and Jimmy in the middle.  Untracked powder to the end.  Once off of
Goat, the numerous cat, ski and board tracks made for some difficult turns.
 The sun softened skier's left and we bumped and thunked to the bottom of
Nosedive.  Once back in the lot, we learned that we had the morning's best
of what there was to take.  Reports from Starr were good, Chinclip so-so,
but Goat(before us) was virgin.  Breakfast at Macarthy's.  Three phat and
happy souls.

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