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>Do you have water?
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>>Amy and I will be at Jay tomorrow.  Don't know the time, as we are hosting
>>a party tonight.  Yes, a party without power.
>>WWLID-What would Laura Ingalls do?

We couldn't buy a gallon of water within 20 miles of home yesterday.  I had to plan ahead and buy 
it in Burlington.  Went 4 days with nothing more than a cold sponge bath with water from the 
Huntington river.

But yesterday eve, 10 minutes before our annual pumpkin carving party, the lights came on.  It 
was almost dissapointing, since everyone was psyched on the idea of  a party involving sharp tools 
taking place by candlelight.

And at the party, plans changed.  Instead of going to Jay, Amy & I met friends Chris and Leslie at 
SBN after a great breakfast of Chorizo Omelets at Easy Street and a quick stop at The Very Small 
Donut to get energy food for the day.

The day was absolutely spectacular.  Early december snow depths, early spring temps, and the 
kind of sunshine we tend to only see on the coldest of winter days.  The top third of the mountain 
had the best snow, a couple inches of settled powder on top of the very dense snow that fell 
Tuesday.  The middle third of the mountain just had the dense snow, which at times was 
excellent, while sometimes being tough on the early season skills.  The last third was mostly 
crust-sometimes it supported us, more often we held on for dear life until we found a small patch 
on which we could turn.

The mountain had hardly been touched by skiers, so we made turns in untracked wherever we 
wanted. We saw 5 other people on the mountain. As we drove home past MRG, Amy asked "Why 
are people skiing those tracked up slopes when theres so much untracked just down the road?"  
Although I know what the MRG skiers would answer, I also knew I couldn't give her an answer that 
I could agree with.

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