On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 21:06:05 -0400, Jonathan S. Shefftz 
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>On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 19:26:37 -0400, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> 
>>You wouldn't believe it unless you were there yourself.
>- I was there, and I still almost can't believe it.  Then again, I was
>there Wednesday and skied all that stuff untracked, but somehow it just
>didn't seem possible that it would all still be there today, served by
>lifts, with no liftlines, and all the trails pretty deserted by the
>afternoon.  I mean, skiing lower Ovation at any time of year is fun, but
>with soft snow, with no rocks, after 4pm . . . in October?!?

Exactly.  It was one for the record books.  You know when you lay at 
night, dreaming of the perfect ski day with lift access, not a lot of 
people, and acres and acres of fresh powder that only gets mildly cut up 
at most?  Well that was today, and it was not a dream.  Screamin' GS turns 
at 11am on Ovation and Superstar was something else.  Nice, windpacked 
powder with nothing to hit...just let the fatties run.  Then all of the 
little trails (like Vagabond's picture at with nice 
untracked powder.

>>I skied powder from 8am till 3pm non-stop
>- How could you possibly tear yourself away from there before the
>bullwheels stopped turning?

I dont know, but I could barely stand.  No lunch, no water, no nothing 
until 3 and I found myself falling on nearly every powder turn on that 
last run down.  Just letting it run until I got bucked off the ground by a 
mound of powder only to land in more fluffy was almost giggling 
inducing fun today.


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