I dunno, I'm guessing, but I probably skied upper Goat for the first  
time 1972. maybe, at age 14. I've skied it dozens of time, and it  
always puts me in my place. Today was no different.

Except it's October.

To celebrate the return of electricity to the hollows of Vermont  
(9:30 AM Saturday for me, too late to join the boys for yesterday's  
shenanigans). me, Jim, and Scott dressed up as skiers for Halloween  
and climbed up Mansfield yet again, chasing the mysterious mrrogers.  
Never did find him, but we did find soft, almost powdery snow in the  
dark northern folds of the mighty peak. The top was challenging. The  
middle was heavenly, and coerced us into skinning back up for another  
taste. Image: skiing up Goat for more turns in October. Hasn't been  
done since 1938.

At the base, party scene going on. You don't see that many people in  
the Gondola parking lot on a Tuesday in May.

These October mind games can't last forever.


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