Nice photos, Dylan. It was great to meet you and Andy.

I'll add some video and a few of my photos, plus some commentary.

Here's some video:

The Crew on the up-track (Dylan, Paul T., Andy D., Bill K. (lurker), and Ranger
Renson (behind the branch)):

Blowdown of spruces from Tuesday's storm. This was at high elevation, where the
trees generally came out of the storm okay:

But maybe this was the work of an overzeal cutter rather than the storm? Was
Geoff D. was right in thinking this will be a wasteland within a decade?:

There's a trail in there somewhere! For the middle elevations, this storm was
central VT's "ice storm of 1998". This region escaped the 1998 storm unscathed,
but not so this time. It will take a while to recover:

Are these snow ghosts or just large frozen penguins that because trapped during
their migration in the storm?:

Some nice tracks were laid down on Saturday in the birches:

The Coolidge Range was brilliant on Saturday afternoon:

I expected to wake Sunday morning to find temps well above freezing and all the
powder turned to glop. I was glad to find out I was wrong:

You know it's time to go when it's hard to see the trail for the leaves:

What a stellar weekend! It almost seems like a dream. The fact that lots of snow
fell in October then lasted as powder for 5 days has not happened in my memory.
I mean, I've never made natural snow turns in October, let alone ski in the
trees in conditions that were better than anything last season until

The temperature contrasts between the snowy mountains and leafy valleys were
amazing. On Saturday, the temp at high elevations was in the upper 20's F, at
the base of the hill it was 37 F, and in Rutland it was 47 F. Today, it was
near freezing at high elevations, 42 F at the base, 47 F at the Skyeship base,
and a whopping 60 F in Woodstock (where the bikers were riding in T-shirts and
the BMW convertibles had their tops down).

We cannot complain about the weather at least until February.


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