I put on 4 hakkapalitas with studs on my bmw last winter. it went thru
everything-snow,slush,ice.downside is the noise on dry pavement ,and
theoretically there may be less traction on wet ,bare road although hak
maintains the studs retract into the tire in those conditions-I am
skeptical.the studs do wear down but then you have a good snow tire.

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OK - someone mentioned last year that studs were spectacular in the snow.
We have a FWD van and an upgrade to 4WD is not in the cards at this point.
My snow tires are close to dead.  How good are studs in VT snow and ice?
We have a few decent grades to climb every weekend that aren't much of a
problem most of the time.  However, heavy snows have us walking up our hill
to our rental near MRG sometimes.  Rt. 17 also poses a problem a few
weekends each season.  I am eager to remedy the situation.

Are studs OK for dry road driving on the highways and around town?  What
should I be concerned with?  Any and all advice appreciated.



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