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Scholarly Tagging Projects and Initiatives?


I am greatly interested in Any and All current or planned initiatives  
that involve the Folksonomic Tagging of **Scholarly** articles,  
preprints, manuscripts, documents, or Other Publications by **Readers**.

As defined by Wikipedia,

"Folksonomy is a neologism for a practice of collaborative  
categorization using freely chosen keywords. More colloquially, this  
refers to a group of people cooperating spontaneously to organize  
information into categories, typically using categories or tags on  
pages, or semantic links with types that evolve without much central  

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The inspiration for my query is the ColLib project [ http:// ] - "the collaborative platform for organizing Open  
Access materials in Library & Information Science (LIS)" developed by  
Magnus Enger. As noted, "colLib harvests metadata-records from OAI- 
PMH-compliant repositories and enables manual 'tagging' of these  
records to cluster them by subject or other meaningful categories.  
Tags are represented by pages in a wiki, that can be annotated with  
links to related tags, external links and any other text deemed  
relevant." [WOW: A WIKI! ]:-)

And Yes, I am aware of  Connotea
[  ] [  ]

BTW: I highly recommend a Most Interesting Article

"Social Terminology Enhancement through Vernacular Engagement  
Exploring Collaborative Annotation to Encourage Interaction with  
Museum Collections" by David Bearman and Jennifer Trant from the  
September 2005 issue of _D-Lib  Magazine_

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Gerry McKiernan
Science and Technology Librarian
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