Sorry i missed this Glen.  I do one question:
My business department is saying i need to fill out an Attachment F and Attachment G from the old database for last quarter.  I thought these new data collection forms were replacing the old database forms.  Is this correct and i don't have to fill these attachments out for you folks?  Or do i have to do both.
Mike Ferrant

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Subject: JOBS Teleconference Today 1:30 PM

Hey Everyone ~

Just a reminder about our JOBS Teleconference today. Please let your staff know that they are also welcome to join the discussion.

Again, the telephone number for the teleconferences is: 877-676-6548; participants will need to enter the code of 556189 at the prompt followed by the # sign.

Here's an agenda for our discussion. I welcome any other topics you would like to address:

- Creating a Fidelity Scale for JOBS
- Data Collection
- Legislative Advocacy
- Program Updates
- Topics for future calls

CAUTION: The Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living cannot ensure the confidentiality or security of email transmissions.