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I guess I can add my belated $.02 here as well:

In Montpelier, there are three of us officially doing computer tech
support.  That includes me, though I also have administrative duties and
responsibility for the phone system as well.  Still, I probably put in
at least full-time hours just on computer support and my assistants
probably put in more than full-time hours.  On the other hand, our three
tech educators get sucked into providing some technical support too, so
it's difficult to figure exactly how many person-hours are spent
supporting our users' computer needs. But let's say this:

We have ca. 1150 students and another ca. 250 staff members who use a
computer for at least checking their email, so, if we call it 1450 users
total, and call it three support people, that makes, rounding off to the
25th decimal place: 466.666666666666666666666666 users to each techie.
We can really call it 467 because the .6666666666666666666666666 user is
a real pain and he takes more than his share of support.

Seriously though, I at first thought this statistic relatively
meaningless in comparison to the usual hardware-to-support-person ratio,
but then I realized that if you've got one computer with only one person
using it, it's probably going to take significantly less support than if
you've got three people using that one computer.  Of course, as we all
know, there are so many variables......



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> I wanted to take a quick Friday poll -
> What is your school's student to techie ratio ?
> Ours is roughly 400:1, counting myself and a part-time assistant.
> And then when you add staff, administration, and teachers, what ratio
do you

> have?
> That puts us at about 450:1.
> I know that some schools have consolidated their IT operations within

> district, but I still thought it would be fun to get a sense of how

> numbers are looking statewide.
> :-)
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