Quick? Really? No easy answer to this question, although I believe it has
been raised here before. For the many of us that wear multiple hats:

1) Are you defining "Techie" as primarily technician & network admin with
some user support, but not responsible for staff development and integration
support in the classroom? With or without tech "administration" support
(budgets, purchasing, tech planning, PD, erate, etc. etc. etc.) from central
office or locally?

2) Should we also consider the tech-to-computer ratio? And once you open
that Can O' Worms, what about the age of the inventory? Multiple platforms?
Multiple servers? Etc. Etc. Etc.

OK, so I will divide myself into four rough pieces: 20% direct instruction,
25% Integration support/staff development, 10% Admin, 45% technician. Add a
.5 paraprofessional techie gives us roughly 1 "full time" technician.

Two schools K-8, 650 students & 150 staff, so 800:1

Computer:Technician = 320:1

Somehow, we keep it running and even manage to move forward with integration
initiatives. A double-edged sword: increased use=increased need for support.
Computers work fine when they stay off, but as soon as everyone starts using
them all the time, well... so it goes.

As always I appreciate the thought-provoking sessions, peer networking and
quality conversation that has occurred over the past two days in Killington.
Thanks to all for sharing!

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Washington West Supervisory Union
Waterbury, VT

> I wanted to take a quick Friday poll -
> What is your school's student to techie ratio ?
> Ours is roughly 400:1, counting myself and a part-time assistant.
> And then when you add staff, administration, and teachers, what ratio do you
> have?
> That puts us at about 450:1.
> I know that some schools have consolidated their IT operations within the
> district, but I still thought it would be fun to get a sense of how the
> numbers are looking statewide.
> :-)
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